Trump can sign the tax reform before Christmas, according to the Secretary of the Treasury

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin today said he expects the Senate to vote on its tax reform bill after Thanksgiving for the president, Donald Trump, I can sign the law "before Christmas".

New York, Nov. 17 (EFE) .- US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said today that he expects the Senate to vote on its tax reform project after Thanksgiving for that the president, Donald Trump, can sign the law "before Christmas."

"We are very excited about the calendar, we are going to have the vote in the Senate after Thanksgiving and there is every reason to believe that the president will have it in his office before Christmas, "Mnuchin told the CNBC financial channel.

The Treasury secretary was optimistic about the the tax reform that the White House is promoting a day after the House of Representatives approved its own bill by 227 votes in favor, all Republicans, and 205 in against.

Mnuchin stressed that the bill passed on Thursday will impose a greater tax burden for those who earn more than $ 1 million a year, but will offer relief for the rest of the taxpayers.

Once the procedure in the Lower House has been completed, all eyes are now on the Senate, which negotiates a parallel proposal, with some modifications, where more obstacles are expected because Republicans have a smaller majority.

At the moment, members of the Senate Finance Committee managed to approve Thursday night your version of the text, a key step for the bill to be voted by the plenary session of the Upper House after Thanksgiving.

The Secretary of the Treasury insisted today on CNBC that the main focus of the Trump Administration's plan is to cut taxes on the middle class and make the tax system of companies "competitive".

Tax reform, One of the main electoral promises that Trump made during the campaign, includes a reduction of the corporate tax from 35% to 20%, and reduce from the current seven to four sections tax.