The US Government

The Department of Justice of the United States will interpose today a demand to prevent the fusion between AT & T and the group Time Warner, informed local media today.

Washington, November 20 (EFE) .- The United States Department of Justice will file a lawsuit today to prevent the merger between AT & T and the Time Warner group, media reported today. local.

The newspaper Politico and the CNN channel, among other media, assured that the Department of Justice plans to file a lawsuit, something that would leave the merger in the hands of a judge.

Recently, different media published that the Department of Justice had put as a condition to approve the merger to sell the cable channel CNN, one of the jewels of the Time Warner group, or the satellite channel DirecTV, property of AT & T.

AT & T announced last year that it had reached an agreement to buy about 85,400 million dollars on the Time Warner group, which includes the CNN and TNT channels and entertainment channels such as HBO, in addition to the Warner Bros. studios.

The operation, which must be approved by the authorities Americans, would create a giant in the telecommunications sector and the media.

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, maintains a bitter battle with CNN, which is customary to disqualify with the name of "false news", and during the last electoral campaign he even said that he would oppose the merger.