The stock markets of Latin America close to the rise in the middle of the doubts in the rest of the markets

The majority of Latin American stock markets closed higher on a day marked by doubts in the markets after it was revealed that the governors of the US central bank. on the progress of the economy, but they are concerned about the high valuation of financial assets.

Bogota, Nov 22 (EFE) .- The majority of Latin American stock markets closed higher on a day marked by doubts in the markets after learning that the governors of the central bank of USA finished in 6,867.36 points, setting a new record; operators in the New York parquet staged a session of increases and setbacks after learning that the governors of the Federal Reserve of the United States were optimistic in their last meeting on the economy, but expressed concern about possible financial imbalances.

US equity markets. year, thanks to a generalized increase in corporate profits and the prospects of an approval of the tax reform of the Donald Trump Government.

While, in the Old Continent, today they advanced London (+0.10%) and Madrid (0.21%), while Frankfurt fell 1.16%; it increased in the euro area by 1.2 points in November compared to the previous month (maximum since 2001).

Against this backdrop, most Latin American markets closed higher, with exception of Sao Paulo, where investors are waiting for the reform of social security of the Government of Brazil; second presidential round.

Thus, the Ibovespa index of Sao Paulo closed at 74,518 points, down 0.1%, with movements of 9,590 million reais (2.97 billion dollars).

While the Mexican market appreciated 0.02% and the Price and Quotation Index (IPC) was 48,196.89 units, after transactions for 14.809 million Mexican pesos (794.9 million dollars).

The Merval index of Buenos Aires rose 0.22% and stood at 27,326.34 points, after reaching a financial volume of 650.8 million of pesos (37.29 million dollars).

The Colombian parquet gained 0.21% in its Colcap index, which remained at 1,451.49 whole, after transactions for 83,917.92 million pesos Colombians (about 28.2 million dollars).

The S & P / BVL Peru General index closed at 19,886 units after rebounding 0.60% in a session in which 303,751,612 soles were traded (93,909,913 dollars).

And the Global Bonds index of the Montevideo Stock Exchange rose 0.04% today and closed at 115.89 points, with operations for 12,657,748 Uruguayan pesos ( dollars).

The evolution of Latin American stock markets was as follows:

Market Closing Points

SAO PAULO -0.1% 74,518 < +0.02% 48,196.89

BUENOS AIRES +0.22% 27,326.34

SANTIAGO -1.35% 5.128,87

COLOMBIA + +0.60% 19.886

MONTEVIDEO +0.04% 115.89