Temer presents a digital platform to help the job search

Brazilian President Michel Temer presented today a digital platform that will help unemployed workers access a job, through direct communication between employers and the unemployed.

Brasilia, Nov 21 (EFE) .- Brazilian President Michel Temer today presented a digital platform that will make it easier for unemployed workers to access a job, through a direct communication between employers and the unemployed.

The new platform, which entrepreneurs and workers can access by computers or mobile phones, will contain data banks on new jobs, as well as references of those offering and looking for work.

Likewise, through this tool a series of procedures can be carried out before official and judicial bodies of the labor area, which according to Temer affirmed supposes "placing Brazil once in the XXI Century" in that matter.

When presenting the platform, in a ceremony held at the presidential palace of Planalto, Temer insisted that "the Government's highest priority is to recover employment" and create jobs for the nearly 13 million people who are unemployed today.

In that sense, renewed his bet that economic growth will be the key to creating jobs and made a review of "very positive data" that have been registered in the last months.

"We come out of the recession", that between 2015 and 2016 caused a fall of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of almost eight percentage points; inflation fell from 10% to 2.5% ", the interest rate fell" in an extraordinary way and was almost 14% to about 7% "and the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange accumulates profits "Historical," he said.

Temer attributed that economic improvement to reforms promoted by his government, among which he cited a broad "modernization" of labor laws that took power away from the unions and opened the doors to a possible cheapening of the workforce, but also encouraged entrepreneurs to open new jobs.

The president stressed that, in the In the last ten months, some 300,000 new places were opened in the country, to affirm that "the measures adopted by the Government are revealing of a great impulse to combat unemployment".

In This framework reiterated that it will insist on a reform of the pension and pension system, which aims to tighten access to these benefits in order to contain a historic deficit of the Social security, and guaranteed that it will also serve to promote employment, since "it will improve the economic climate" in the country.