Panama will reinforce its human talent in logistics area for Chinese investments

The Ministry of Labor and Labor Development (Mitradel) of Panama reported today that the public and private sector of the country are directing efforts to train the next generations in careers associated with the logistics sector, whose demand will grow in the coming years with Chinese investments.

Panama, Nov 20 (EFE) .- The Ministry of Labor and Labor Development (Mitradel) of Panama announced today that the country's public and private sectors are directing efforts to train next generations in careers associated with the logistics sector, whose demand will grow in the coming years with Chinese investments.

This was announced by the advisor on labor issues of the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development of Panama, René Quevedo, during a report on Employment Opportunities in Panama, in which he reported that there is currently concern about how will provide specialized human talent specialized in various technical skills.

"The Logistics Business Council of Panama (COEL) is concerned about the issue, that is why they occupy a sectoral table in the curricula of the Higher Technical Institute of the East (ITSE) ", assured the advisor

This educational institution, which will start operating in 2019, will offer post-secondary education with two-year study programs, in which the specialties to be taught were designed based on the labor demand in technical careers in areas such as tourism, logistics, finance, industry and air navigation.

"We know the kind of professional they require - Chinese investors - especially trained in management activities and movement of load, there is a catalog of logistic positions that they are looking for, "explained the advisor.

In the Central American country, projects of Chinese capital are developed that have required specialized labor force such as the Panama-Colón container port of the Shanghai Gorgeous Chinese group, located in the Atlantic sector of Margarita Island.

Panama decided on 13 June break the diplomatic relations with Taiwan and recognize the principle of "one China", thus becoming the second Central American country, after Costa Rica, to establish diplomatic relations with China.

For its part, the Minister of Labor, Luis Ernesto Carles, commented in the presentation that relations with the Asian giant will project large scale the construction levels of private investment infrastructure and works in logistics, tourism, commerce, health, communication and technology.

The official said that the The National Institute of Vocational Training and Training for Human Development (Inadeh) and the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Authority (Ampyme) will improve the technical professions and they will allow more entrepreneurship.

"We have oriented 32,000 young people to understand that the opportunities to train in technical and professional skills in Panama is changing, the areas mentioned are those that will have greater hiring, "said Carles.

The owner of the portfolio said that jobs are projected in positive, but not in all occupations, and that 70% of the jobs that will be developed in the ten years will require technical specifications and 30% of professional studies.

Carles also said that by 2018 they expect the creation of a little more than 40,000 new places and added that currently the Mitradel employment exchange has some 4,500 vacancies in the private sector with salaries between 500 and 2,000 dollars per month.

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Panama reached 5,209.3 million dollars in 2016, 15.9% more than the 4,494.2 million of the previous year, according to with official data.

Tourism, logistics and financial services are the pillars of the economy of Panama, one of the most dynamic in the region with an expansion of 4.9% in same year.