Latin American stocks close mixed after heavy Wall Street losses

The stock markets of Latin America closed today in mixed terrain after Wall Street, its referent, recorded strong losses in its main indicator, the Industrial Dow Jones, which yielded 0.59% and ended at its lowest level in three weeks dragged by a further decline in oil.

Bogota, Nov 15 (EFE) .- The stock markets of Latin America closed today in mixed terrain after Wall Street, its referent, registered strong losses in its main indicator, the Dow Jones of Industriales, which lost 0.59% and ended at its lowest level in three weeks, dragged down by a further drop in oil prices.

After the end of the session, that index ended in 23,271.28 whole, while the selective S & P 500 lost 0.55% to 2,564.62 units and the composite index of the Nasdaq market fell 0.47% to 6,706.21 points.

Again this Wednesday, the operators in the parquet New York bet by the sales during all the day, dragged by the energetic sector before a new fall of the petroleum and in the middle of the fatigue in the markets after the latest historical records.

This is because the International Energy Agency of the USA. demand growth for this year and for the next.

The barrel of Texas, reference in the United States, fell by 0.66% and ended in New York at 55.33 dollars, while the Brent crude, benchmark in Europe and other markets, fell 0.67% and ended in London at $ 61.82.

Contrary to what happened on Tuesday with General Electric, which obtained numbers in reds during the day, this session that started with heavy losses managed to end the day with increases and stop the streak that since Monday presented its new plan restructuring.

An environment that fell to the rest of Latin American stock exchanges with red and green numbers, with the exception of Sao Paulo that was out of operations because it was festive.

In Mexico, the Price and Quotation Index (IPC) was positioned at 47,690.8 units and fell 0.38% in a session in which 16,642 million Mexican pesos were negotiated (about 860.9 million dollars).

In Santiago, the IPSA, its main index, registered a drop of 0.66% with 5,273.77 points, in its seventh consecutive day of setbacks, amount of the shares traded at 116,892,982,622 Chilean pesos (about 184.37 million dollars).

The S & P / BVL index of the Peruvian stock market with 19,422.62 whole, decreased by 0.39%, a session in which 29,857,721 shares were traded for soles (about $ 9,211,082).

La Bolsa de Valores de Montevideo (BVMBG) fell 0.05% and stood at 115.75 after carrying out operations 40,601,676 pesos (about 1,382,042 dollars).

In the positive terrain, the parquet of Buenos Aires with its Merval index marked an advance of 2.80%, to 26,328.95 points, with a volume of businesses operated in shares for 1,097.8 million Argentine pesos (about 62.63 million dollars).

The Colcap in Colombia rose 0.38% with 1,430.64 integers after movements for 127,076.06 million pesos (about 42 million dollars).

The evolution of the Latin American stock exchanges was the following:

Market Closing Points


MEXICO -0.33% 47.690,8

BUENOS AIRES +2.80% 26.328.95

COLOMBIA +0.38% 1,430.64

LIMA -0.39% 19,422.62

MONTEVIDEO -0.05% 115,