Latin American stock markets close up, while Wall Street is dyed red

Stock markets in Latin America closed higher today, while the Wall Street market turned red in the face of uncertainty over the tax reform in the United States.

Bogota, Nov 17 (EFE) .- Stock markets in Latin America closed higher today, while the Wall Street market turned red in the face of uncertainty over fiscal reform in the United States. United.

The Industrial Dow Jones, the main indicator of the New York ring, fell by 0.43% and ended in 23,358.24 whole, the selective S & P 500 lost 0.26% to 2,578.86 units and the Nasdaq composite index dropped 0.15% to 6,782.79 points.

The operators in the New York parquet bet on sales throughout the session, except for half of tomorrow when the Nasdaq registered slight gains that were diluted in the final straight, with all the attention in the parliamentary procedure of the fiscal reform.

After its approval this Thursday on the part of the House of Representatives, now all the looks are put in the project of law of fiscal reform that continues negotiating in the Senate.

Thus the Latin American markets closed higher, with the exception of Buenos Aires.

The Sao Paulo stock market advanced 1.28% and its Ibovespa index, reference of the market, stood at 73,437. points, with a transaction volume of 7.772 million reals (about 2.384 million dollars).

The main indicator of the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV), the Price Index and Quotations (IPC), gained 0.23% and closed at 47,857.14 units, in a session in which 10,215 million pesos (539.3 million dollars) were negotiated.

Plaza de Santiago rise of 1.45% in its main index, the IPSA, which closed at 5,391.75 integers, with an exchange of papers for 114,313,526,615 pesos (about 182.31 million dollars).

Global Bonds of the Stock Exchange of Montevideo (BVMBG) appreciated 0.02% and stood at 115.77 points, with a total of operations that reached 9,532,864 pesos (324,324) dollars).

The Colombian Stock Exchange increased 0.48% in its capitalization index (Colcap), which closed at 1,443.55 units, after a day in which securities were exchanged for 60,277.61 million pesos (about 20.09 million dollars).

The S & P / BVL Peru General index closed at 19,518.28 whole, after advancing 0.68% and totaling 41,963,503 soles 12,907,875 dollars).

On the loss side, the Merval index of Buenos Aires fell 0.50% to 27,131.57 points, after a turnover of 510.22 million euros. millions of dollars).

The evolution of the Latin American stock exchanges was the following:

Market Closing Points

SAO PAULO +1.28% 73.437

MEXICO +0.23% 47.857,14

BUENOS AIRES -0.50% 27,131.57

SANTIAGO +1.45% 5.391,75 1,443.55

LIMA +0.68% 19,518.28

MONTEVIDEO +0.02% 115.77