Ex Minister advocates legal security to shore up the business climate

Legal security and the training of youth labor are the pillars on which Paraguay must work to shore up the good business climate that the country is experiencing, Efe said. Former Minister of Industry and Commerce Guillermo Caballero.

Asunción, Nov 18 (EFE) .- Legal security and the training of youth labor are the pillars on which Paraguay must work to support the good business climate that lives the country, the former Minister of Industry and Commerce Guillermo Caballero told Efe.

"Looking at Paraguay from its macroeconomic indicators, it is a perfect country to invest, but we have these complications that can not be underestimated, "said Caballero, who this week received the award for the best business career, awarded by the Spanish Chamber of Comercio.

The owner of Manufactura del Pilar, textile leader in Paraguay, said that the country has "a very bad judicial power" that equated to Brazil and Argentina, and that, according to the entrepreneur, generates an uncertainty "that is not very convincing when it comes to investing."

"This is not Chile and this is not Uruguay, we have the consolation that we are not worse than Brazil or Argentina in terms of legal security in terms of compliance with contracts, which are central issues for investors, "he explained.

" That's where we have to make a great effort to sanitation, in the body of Justice, "added Caballero, who in the 1993 elections presented himself as a candidate for the Presidency from the National Encuentro Movement.

The other factor that, according to the employer, weighs down the optimal business scenario is the little training of its workforce, especially the one that is incorporated into the labor market.

"The deficit of training, education that our country knows is not an incentive for investment. offer a higher educational level to those who want to invest in industries that generate quality jobs, "he said.

He stressed that in these conditions brings no advantage the demographic bonus of Paraguay, with 56% of the population under 30.

"The demographic bonus would be a positive factor to consider if our youth were properly educated and trained to integrate them into the world of work and thereby boost the overall growth of the economy. economic forecasts of Paraguay, which according to the Central Bank will be 4.2% this year, which for Caballero is the result of an economic policy adopted by previous governments and that right now it has become "predictable".

"It must be said that the last 15 or 14 years have been applied a consistent macroeconomy that have been respected by successive finance ministers, as well as monetary policies from the Central Bank, which is expressed in a completely controlled inflation, a currency relation to the strong currencies and the region reasonably balanced, "he said.

" This evidently has generated an excellent business climate in Paraguay, "he stressed.

In addition, he emphasized the boom in consumption in the country. and the "enormous simplicity in terms of paying taxes" as other coordinates to understand the dynamics of that panorama.

"Evasion in Paraguay is only justified by a issue of personal vice, because it does not have any logic that they are evading taxes that are easy to pay and, on the other hand, percentage low, "he said.

The businessman valued the work of the current Government in the investment in public infrastructure, one of the pending subjects of the South American country, highlighting that it has doubled that of administrations previous.

He warned, however, that these investments are sometimes held back by poor government management and by a bureaucracy that, in his opinion, has affected the execution of the Public-Private Partnership Law, which empowers private companies to participate in the management of public goods and services.

"We must recognize that we have a limitation in terms of public investment management.