Entrepreneurship is not a fad, according to experts

Entrepreneurship is not a passing fad according to the experts, it is a good practice that develops economies and, for that reason, for 10 years a week has been devoted to the international level, Global Entrepreneurship Week that takes place simultaneously in more than 160 countries.

Santo Domingo, Nov 16 (EFE) .- Entrepreneurship is not a passing fad according to experts, it is a good practice that develops economies and, for this reason, for 10 years it has been dedicated one week at an international level, the Global Entrepreneurship Week that takes place simultaneously in more than 160 countries.

"You have to knock down that idea" that entrepreneurship is something transitory, "because this will not happen", said the expert in this matter Carlos H. Brandt, one of the speakers of the Entrepreneurship and Education Congress, which is celebrated today in Santo Sunday as part of the activities that take place in the country during this week.

It is true that "there is a reality that is more media than anything else, as if entrepreneurship was the panacea for anything, and they have seized it as a fashion ", but in reality it is" a dynamic activity of the economy and, therefore, it is very favorable for progress, but it must be understood adequately, "Brandt said in a statement to Efe before giving his talk.

" As there is a day for cancer, for the child, or for different professions, for entrepreneurship there is a week ", to which more than 160 countries have already joined, because" it is something that matters to all countries and all regions, it is a line of work that must be maintained ", He affirmed.

Innovation and entrepreneurship must be linked. a great innovation, but if you do not bring it to the market, or do not know how to communicate it and take it to a business model, innovation is lost ", you have to see it as a tandem.

For Brandt, everything Entrepreneur must aim to be innovative, to improve, to change, to replace, although not all innovators are entrepreneurs. convert those ideas into products and services.

However, the reality is that, in entrepreneurship, the failure rate is very high, "the figures are very ugly", since, of every 10 projects that are launched, fail 8, and the reasons "are always the same, lack of training and lack of accompaniment," but failure is something "natural, normal," he said.

This week's work and that of all its actors is to teach the entrepreneur not to fail at an early stage of his initiative, to make his learning curve faster and to mentalize about the high failure rate. Entrepreneurship is a complex action and you have to go through a series of stages, have support, financing and training, so that the project in question sets and a fabric is formed serious business.

The Dominican Republic is one of the 160 countries that has celebrated Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) since last Monday and until Sunday, November 19th. acronyms in English), which is organized every year with the aim of connecting entrepreneurs with potential collaborators, mentors and investors.

The initiative was born in 2008 from the hand of the Kauffman Foundation and is considered as the celebration of the world's greatest innovators and job creators, celebrated simultaneously in all nations participants.

Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and the Dominican Republic have aligned their entrepreneurial development activities to give a message of support ecosystem unit of the region, an effort coordinated by the Regional Center for the Promotion of Micro and Small Enterprises (Cenpromype), a specialized entity of the Central American Integration (SICA).